Friday, May 7, 2021

Digital Longarm Designs

 Digital Longarm Designs by Paco Rich

In the beginning of 2021, I decided to get a longarm machine with Pro-Stitcher and PS Designer. From the day it was delivered, I have hit the ground running! I have been doing all I can to learn, tackling my pile of at least 30+ Projects Half Done! Add to that, my mom's quilt tops needed some TLC!

Unfortunately, some of the quilt designs out there just did not fit with the quilt top that needing the quilting.

I have been having fun drawing and designing a few designs using Pro-Stitcher Designer. The designs I have created, I have made available for purchase. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Bee Happy!

Bee Happy is a fun little wall hanging that gives off the feeling of a fun and bright spring ahead.

This wall hanging measures approximately 18" wide by 23" tall. When you use a bright sky blue as a background, it allows for your watering can, flowers and bee to be the beautiful focus of your wall hanging. 

Saturday, August 15, 2020

New Mexico Sun

This year,

Aunt Judy's Attic

is participating
in the 

Quilters Trek 2020

formerly known as 

Row by Row Experience

True Blue!

In Memory of Gerry Billings, a true light in our lives.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Black Lives Matter Applique Template

Black Lives Matter!

If you feel the need to comment "all lives matter" - then you're not listening.

Just like they didn't listen when he said: "I can't breathe".

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Raw Edge Machine Applique

A few basics for Raw Edge Applique using your Sewing Machine

This tutorial assumes you have already fused your applique fabric to the background fabric. For this tutorial, I will be using several different template shapes to show you layers, curves, corners, and other such techniques.

Machine Applique

These directions are written to show you how to use the Satin Stitch.

The major difference when using satin stitch and blanket stitch; a stabilizer is needed to keep the fabric from puckering when using a satin stitch.  If you wish to use any other fancy stitch, omit the steps for stabilizers.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Straightening Panels for a Quilt

Straightening up a Panel for a Quilt

There are many benefits to using panels in quilts. There are so many different printed panels out there, it is just a quick way to making my quilt look awesome!

My first experience with a panel was one I bought online in a local facebook page auction. It was perfect for my nephew; it was the Avengers panel. Luckily for me, I won the bid in the auction and it wasn't until I went to pick up my panel, I realized how warped the panel was.

On any given day, I would have just used the rotary cutter, trimmed up the sides and made it square. But this panel had part of the print outside of the border. It would have looked funny if I had trimmed off the top of Hulk's hair!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

New Mexico Chili Ristra

So Excited!!!
This year,

Aunt Judy's Attic

is participating
in the 

Row by Row Experience 2019

Taste the Experience!

I must be the luckiest person ever, as I have had the opportunity to design the row for my local quilt shop again!!!

As we thought about this year's theme, Taste the Experience, one thing we all agreed on was chili was the main part of our way of life... Even between the neighboring states; Arizona, Colorado, Texas - our New Mexico Chili Cuisine just 'tastes' different. And for us over here in the southwest, chili is a food staple that is consumed daily!

For our row this year, we decided to make a New Mexico Chili Ristra.
(click on image to view larger)