Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yearly Hands

I saw this site through pintrest where they made salt dough ornaments for x-mas.  I remember making a handprint for my Ma when I was in first grade.  I thought this would be cute to do when I had the kids over.
I found the recipe on the link below...

Rather than using the ornaments for my tree & only seeing them once a year, I decided to make these & hang up around the house.  I used a cookie cutter for the flowers, a bowl for the hands. I used my sugar gum paste tools to mark the lettering & a drinking straw to cut out the holes to hang with. Once they were dried/cooked, I painted the flowers with acrilic paint & the hands with spray paint. I filled in the lettering with fabric paint.
Made for my best friend with her two kid's hand prints...
I let my 9yr old son draw his own name in his print.

My Partner wanted to have her dog's paw prints.
Although I wasn't too happy the salt dough cracked...

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