Friday, November 2, 2012

Ottoman Upholstery

I had gone to my Sister's Relay for Life fundraiser for her rummage sale & found me an ottoman.  Of course, It wasn't necessary that I have it but ehh, it was only $3.00 so I bought it with the intention of recovering it & supporting her good cause!!!

It took me two days to remove all the staples that were in the underside (someone was staple happy in the original covering of this particular ottoman), but all the wile I removed the staples, I made sure I didn't ruin the original fabric so that I may use it for the pattern in cutting out my new material.

I was going to cover it in a simple denim material I had purchased for a previous project, but when all said and done, I didn't have enough. I knew my Mom had scrap material from her upholstery business, which were being used to house rats, I decided to put it to good use.  Plus, she has an awesome air pressure staple gun and heavy duty sewing machine that would save me time in finishing my project.

I used a green with a brown stripe, luckily for me, I even had leftover wood that I couldn't quite reattach, but the ottoman still turned out nice. :o)

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