Saturday, October 10, 2015

RxR 2015 H2O

I was fairly new to quilting around this time and I had heard a little bit about Row by Row from my local quilt shop. I hadn't quite fully got the grasp of what it all meant... I was intrigued because they said, "free patterns" but you had to visit the quilt shop in order to get them. Yeah, they said there was a prize too, but who knew what that meant.
As time passed, days turned into week, weeks into a month, I learned more and more about it and realized, "Hey! Nobody is making a quilt to turn into my local quilt shop, why don't I do it??" Well, that started it all. I had traveled to a couple of places in Arizona for some Rocketry events and I had some time. Quilt shops, look out!

I collected several rows from Tucson Arizona and I was about to trade some of my rows I didn't want with a few of my friends from Texas. One friend of mine from Albuquerque New Mexico said she was gifted a free pattern she would never use, and wanted to know if I wanted it. OF Course! Who doesn't like free!

I was hooked!

I hope you enjoy some photos I captured as I put together my quilt.

This water batik is the fabric I decided to use throughout the rest of the quilt. I tried to use it in every row. 

Loved doing the flowers for this row. They are 3D, not stitched down anywhere except for around the cactus blades.

The Water Wheel is now considered my favorite block. Can you see where I goofed?

I didn't like the row's use of the bunny at all, made cactus plates instead... My first curved stitching.

Quilt As You Go by Rows...

Thanks to the quilt shops:
1) “Meep! Meep!” ~ SW Decoratives and Kokopelli Quilting Co. – Albuquerque, NM
2) Three Fish ~ Cabbage Rose – Fort Worth, TX
3) “Rain Dance” ~ The Quilter’s Market – Tucson, AZ
4) “Monsoon Blooms” ~ The Quilt Basket – Tucson, AZ
5) “The Gila River” ~ Aunt Judy’s Attic – Silver City, NM
6) “It Blooms!” ~ Cactus Quilt Shop – Tucson, AZ
7) Three Umbrellas ~ Sew It Up – Hurst, TX
8) “Shower Me With Fabric” ~ Suddenly Sewing –
Fort Worth, TX

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