Sunday, September 11, 2016

Prairie Sunflower Dresden Plates

Lately, I've had quite a fascination with Dresden plates... I had been dying to make a sunflower dresden block quilt, which I had the perfect opportunity when I was participating in a Mystery Adventure called Caroline's Cabin hosted by Bev Brummond.

I had always wanted to make a black, white and yellow quilt. Perfect opportunity!
The best thing about this mystery was the adventure of reading a short story tied into the mystery pattern. We were given a piece of the adventure before each of the clues. My first mystery adventure!

With any mystery, one just HAS to try possible layouts after each of the clues...

When time for the next clue came around, I just knew it was the perfect opportunity to play with dresdens!

Of course, I've never been known to follow a pattern, not even my own - so I took off on a tangent with my flower garden from the mystery.

I set to work creating the twenty flowers needed to finish my quilt.
As part of the mystery, we were encouraged to name our flowers. I always love it when there is a deeper meaning to a quilt. Out here in Southern New Mexico, we have these wild sunflowers called Prairie Sunflower.

So it seemed only fitting to name my flowers the Prairie Sunflower, Native to New Mexico and Colorado - helianthus coloradensis.

It took me a while as I was trying to grow my sunflowers in side my log cabin. I live in the mountains and our growing season is short. I had them all planted, I just needed a little watering (sewing) to make them grow.... <--Silly shenanigans we do while we are giving updates on our sewing projects...

Final quilt top layout.

Click here to download your copy of the Double Dresden Flower Pattern.

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