Monday, September 17, 2018

Snowflake Magic Block Of the Month

I was so excited to be hosting a Block Of the Month! My very first, a success! Now that it is complete, I wanted to share some of the new and exciting things that happened!

This BOM made a quilt top that measures 55" by 60" tall. This large wall hanging has 24 different snowflakes and three different sized trees, all made using a raw edge applique with a machine satin stitch. AND each of the snowflakes have a name!

BOM Finished Wall hanging Quilt Top
Applique! I know many start to panic at the mention of applique, but at the same time I was hosting this BOM, I was also teaching everyone how to satin stitch applique with a sewing machine. There was immediate assistance whenever one got stumped! - and you can still get help now if you wanted!

Some updates...

About midway through the BOM, my dear friend Diane said it would be cool quilt with the Grinch hanging out... I couldn't have agreed more! I stuck the Grinch up in a tree stealing the snowflakes!

Later on, my fabulous friend Leslie said she was going to add a horse & sleigh. Well, I just loved that idea too! After much sleeping with the idea, I woke up and got started. I came up with the idea to use Sunbonnet Sue, Sam and the Horse Drawn Sleigh for my rendering.

We had such a fun time with this BOM, you are welcomed to come view all our work, ask questions, and share images of your quilts.

Come join!

Block Of the Month started September 18th, 2017 - Blocks were posted on the 3rd Monday of the month. They were available for the duration of the BOM until September 17th, 2018.

Now that the BOM is complete, the pattern has been made available for purchase as a digital download. Unfortunately, I do not own copyrights to the Grinch, there is NOT a pattern for him.

You can find the full pattern with Sunbonnet Sue, Sam and Horse Drawn Sleigh available for purchase here.

Looking for the pattern with just Sunbonnet Sue, Sam & Horse Drawn Sleigh? You can find the smaller version of the pattern here.

Once purchased, it will be emailed to you.

Thank You and Happy Quilting!

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