Friday, April 20, 2018

Look Into My World - Polaroid Quilt

One thing I ALWAYS do when I visit a quilt shop is I try to buy some of their novelty fabrics, may it be a fat quarter or yardage - depending on how much I like it. I have a TON of large print fabric with no real rhyme or reason. Wheeelll - it's one thing to buy them, and another to actually find a pattern to use all of them.

I figured it was time for me to make good use of them in a sort of "I Spy" quilt. One of the things my friend wanted to do in her group; Life's A Quilt, was to have a Polaroid Swap. A swap where all of us swapped squares of fabric that represented our world.

Not really wanting to limit our swappers, I proposed:
If I were to visit you, what would I see? Trees? Frogs? Sewing machines? Bears? Bridges Ancient artifacts? Spiders? Oceans? Flowers? Spools of thread? Sky Scrapers? Clouds? Think of what you see; outside, inside, above, below, near, far, in the past, in the future...
We were not required to have any one theme, the more variety we had, the better. We were not to sew the squares, but once we received our fabric squares, we would make our own Polaroid Blocks.

I must say, with forty-nine people in our swap, it went off without a hitch - everyone sent their squares and everyone received their squares - So WONDERFUL!

I loved all of my squares!

My second goal was to teach Paper Piecing using this simple block. I had a lot of fun designing this, it did take a couple of tries, but I got the pattern just perfect! If you want to get a free copy of this Paper Piecing Tutorial, you can join our Life's A Quilt facebook group and download your copy. Also, a great place to see other wonderful blocks by Life's A Quilt members...

My guess is that many did not read the fine print as this was a Paper Piecing tutorial that would be provided with the swap, so when I did finally post the paper piecing tutorial, there was a cry for a regular piecing pattern. You can find the Regular Piecing Pattern by clicking here: Look Into My World Polaroid Block Tutorial.

For both patterns, I have included the Fabric Requirements needed to complete two different sizes of quilts.

I'm still working on the blocks I received from the swap. By the time I am finished, I will have a quilt that has 110 blocks and a small magnifying glass, roughly 96" x 88", a small queen-sized quilt.

 I currently have 42 blocks made.

Sewing all 110 blocks at once seemed daunting - so I chose a few to do at a time.
It also made it easy to make it random in the layout: Straight, Left Tilt, or Right Tilt.
Started chain piecing the white parts of the Polaroid Block.

I really loved how some of the fabrics I received were highlighted by the block!

Unfortunately, I had to set these aside so I could work on my other patterns. Once I get more polaroids made, I'll be updating my post.

Happy Quilting!

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