Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our Growing Family Growth Chart w/ Photo Frames

Years ago, when I graduated high school I was given a growth chart that I could screw to the wall and measure my child's height. It had little frames on it, in which I could slide in the photo for whatever grade level the child was in. I toted that chart around until I finally had my son. Over the years, I've had comments on how cute it was, so in search of a gift for my friends, I looked for one like it. I couldn't fine one! Yeah, I found growth charts that were rulers but no place to place a photo, even found some that were flimsy clear plastic, with pouches for photos and could be rolled up, but nothing durable like the one I had.

With my friend's birthday right around the corner, I knew I had work to do! I wanted my end result to have a ruler AND photo frames!

This here is my end result:
It is made with a 6' x 11" x ⅝" pine board, pearl grey wood stain, hand painted purple outdoor acrylic paint, ten 3" x 2" metal photo frames and coated with a Krylon acrylic crystal clear gloss spray.

Our Growing Family
Raised photo frames with the option to change pictures.
Full lenght view.

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