Thursday, April 12, 2012

String Egg Wreath with Bow Tutorial

I saw on Pinterest a string egg garland but I didn't quite know what to do with it because I wasn't going to spend my Easter weekend at my home. My mom had wanted an egg wreath to hang for the Easter season so I thought this was a perfect idea for her.  I didn't want to leave out my future mother-in-law so I made two.

You need:
8-14 String Eggs of different colors (see link above on how to make the eggs) - I used friendship bracelet string. The directions said it would dry in a couple of hours but mine took all night to dry.
1 Grape Vine Wreath
Scrap Material or already made bow
Hot Glue Gun
Twisty Bag Tie or Floral Wire

For the Bow:
Cut two strips of material both 26" x 5" & strip 18" x 3.5". Iron flat with starch.

With each of the two longest pieces mark the middle of the 26" side.
With the right side of the material on the inside, fold the ends to overlap the middle mark by 1 to 1.5 inches.
Starch & Iron flat.

Sew a single stitch on each of the long sides. Iron if the stitch wrinkled fabric. You are left with an opening in the middle with two pouches on the side.

Invert each of the pouches, using a long straight object to push out each of the corners.

With the opening side up, fold like you are making a paper fan. Use a piece of floral wire to tie each of the two strips together. (I put the leftover wire into the bow edges to create a support for the bow.

With the 18" piece-right side out, fold one side to make a tri-fold, as fold the other side in only half way as a way to eliminate the edges. Then fold in half. (Iron after each step to help it stay)

Wrap around the wired part of bow to hide the wire. Cut off excess & hot glue to the bow.  Use excess to wrap around the wreath and hot glue. Glue bow to the excess wrapped around the wreath.

Lay out eggs onto wreath and hot each of them to the wreath.

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