Friday, December 15, 2017

Teacup Coasters Supply List

Supply list and fabric suggestions
for class at
Aunt Judy's Attic
Teacup Coasters
Raw Edge Applique

In class, we will cover:
Cutting and printing on fusible web,
Fusing fabrics,
Adjusting our machines,
Stitching down our applique pieces to a background using a satin stitch or blanket stitch.
By the end of class, we will have at least three appliqued teacup blocks.

Fabric Suppliesplease bring extra – I will provide the templates for 3 different teacup styles. Listed below is enough fabric for one style.
One Teacup Body: 3” x 5” – pick a fabric that best resembles a teacup to you. I’ve used flowers, southwest fabric, and I have even used plain solid fabric. Big print, or little print, it doesn’t matter. (A great way to use scraps!) A fat 8th would be more than enough for 3 teacups.
One Teacup Handle and Plate: 2” x 6” – pick a fabric that coordinates with your teacup body. It is best if this fabric is a solid, blender or a VERY small print. A fat 8th would be more than enough for 3 teacups.
One Teacup background – 6½” x 6½” square. Pick a background that coordinates with your teacups and lets your teacups stand out. It is best if this background is a light fabric, usually a solid or a blender. White on White fabrics work well with this also. A fat quarter would be more than enough for 3 teacups. 

Additional supplies:
Thread that matches your teacup fabric. (If using a red teacup body and blue teacup handle and plate bring both matching red and blue thread…)
Bobbin thread that matches your top thread.
Heat N Bond Lite Fusible Web – at least 11” x 17” – if you have a roll, bring it.
Fabric scissors – scissors to cut out applique pieces
Rotary cutter, Mat & Rulers – a long (12” or more) and square (at least 6½”x 6½” or larger)
Fine point fabric marking tool
Sewing Machine – Must have zig-zag stitching capabilities. Must also be able to adjust the stitch length and width. We will be adjusting machine tension in class so your machine must be able to adjust tension. If you are unsure, contact me and we can set up a meeting before class to figure it out.
Open Toe Applique Foot – Allows for easy viewing of your applique stitching and has a groove on the underside for applique stitches to pass under easier. Not required, but HIGHLY RECCOMENDED. If you would like, Contact Judy to order one for you.

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