Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Diaper Cakes

Up until a year ago, I had never heard of a 'Diaper Cake'.  I was told by my Mom that one of the guest was going to bring one to the couples baby shower we were hosting.  I still hadn't quite understood, I was asking my Mom, "So, can you eat this cake?"

Once I saw the cake, I loved the idea! This cake had EVERYTHING a new Mommy would need to start - bottles, blankets, pacifiers, shampoo; you name it!

Jungle Diaper Cake
So, when it came time to host another baby shower, I decided I would try my hand at making one.
The Mommy's theme was Jungle with the colors of Yellow, Brown & Green. 
During the shower, we played games which included "Guess the number of baby items on the cake" where the winner received a gift.

Our Mommy unexpectedly went into labor the day after we hosted her shower & she was sooo thankful to have this with everything handy & ready.

Included in this cake:
Size 1 Pamper Diapers
3 bottles
3 receiving blankets
2 pacifiers
baby powder
baby shampoo
baby lotion
baby toothpaste
baby toothbrush

I live in a town where the selection of Jungle baby items is limited so I made the trees out of foam paper & I found the animals in the craft section at Wally World.

Since my original post I have created 2 more diaper cakes... Well, in a sense, they have diapers. :-)

3-Wheeler Diaper Cake
My sister was expecting, so I just had to make this one for her. Her husband was a diehard Cowboys fan, and her diaper party theme was "Under the Sea". 
One hundres fifty diapers were used to make this three-wheeler. The handle bars are made up of a rereceiving blanket I made for her to match her theme. The two bibs (one for the front fender and one for the seat) were made to match her husband. Under the seat is a box that contains a bunch of goodies such as a baby thermometer, shampoo, lotion, things to help out a new mom.

Dodge Ram Diaper Cake
My most recent diaper cake was made for my cousin, where I was one of the hostess at the diaper party. He has a thing for Dodge Ram trucks so I set the wheels in motion, literally. The diaper party theme was tinkerbell, so I made the bib to match. In the bed of the truck there are new mom essentials, such as baby thermometer, nail clippers, hair brush, comb and etc....